NewsBytes Fall 2017

Wink Midgett Recognition Wall

WinkMiddgettWallThe Jones College of Business proudly announces its new Recognition Wall. The new modern design creates a high-profile, engaging and innovative space to communicate our story and promote our brand. The new interactive wall will attract and inspire visitors while recognizing our faculty, students, and donors for their contributions to the Jones College of Business.


Teaching & Learning Events

TeachingLearningEventIn Fall 2017, the Jones College of Business hosted two technology events. The first one, held in September, was a “JCB Technology Showcase” event focusing on secure online testing with the participation of Proctorio and DigiExam as sponsors. The second event, held in October, was a “Lunch &Learn” event sponsored by Top Hat and focused on the use of student response technologies for student engagement.

WRDS for Research

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is the award-winning research platform and business intelligence tool for over 30,000 corporate, academic, government and nonprofit clients. WRDS provides the user with one location to access over 200 terabytes of data across multiple disciplines including Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, ESG, and Statistics. WRDS provides access to CompuStat and CRSP as well as other important business research databases. WRDS is available to all
MTSU faculty, staff, and students. Link: https://wrdsweb.

Kubi Robot – Don’t ever miss class again!

Kubi RobotUnable to make it to your class? You can now participate in your class remotely. The Jones College of Business is excited to unveil the Kubi Remote Telepresence Robot. Kubi is a cloud controlled tablet stand that enables users to look around and interact with video calls. Students can participate in class lectures and control Kubi from the convenience of their home, office, hotel, etc. To reserve Kubi, go to: php

What Students want more in class?

You may be surprised by these findings! EDUCAUSE surveyed thousands of students and faculty to discover what they would like to use more in class. Source: Educause Online Learning Attitudes 2017.WhatStudentsWant

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