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NewsBytes Fall 2014

Keep Your Students Engaged With Panopto and Tophat!

The Jones College of Business (JCB) leads the way in bringing innovative student engagement technologies to the classroom. Starting this Fall 2014, teachers will be able to use TopHat advanced student response system to engage students in class via quizzes, polls, etc. Students can answer using their own phones, laptops or, iPad devices. In addition, all JCB classrooms (including faculty’s office and home computers) will be equipped with Panopto Lecture Capture system. Teachers will be able to capture their own lectures and publish them in D2L. We invite all faculty members to incorporate these new technologies in the classroom. All these services are free of charge to the students! Please contact us if you are interested.


New Cutting Edge SalesLab

The new cutting edge Sales Lab will be located at BAS S123. This new location will have all new furniture, audio, video and computer equipment. The Sales Lab will be outfitted with, an advanced video and sharing platform which provides for quick feedback and analysis of student sales presentations.

Free Acces

The JCB has recently partnered with for unlimited access to its video libraries of over 42,000 tutorials covering all types of application software as well as other business related topics. The partnership, called LyndaCampus, is available to all faculty, staff, and students who are registered for business classes in the summer and fall semester. Faculty members can create a list of videos for a class and their students can access the videos from anywhere through a web browser or on an iPad or other smart device.

Solstice – Wireless Video Collaboration

The JCB is planning to install Solstice, a wireless video collaboration software in all team study/breakout rooms in the lab and the new Executive Education facility. The Solstice software enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using laptops and mobile devices over an existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

New Managed Printing Solution

MTSU has entered into a new managed printing solution agreement in order to provide more efficient copying and printing services. Students will see this new system in action at the JCB Computer Lab. The new managed printing solution will provide new printers to the lab and support secure, anytime-anywhere mobile printing. Students will be given a quota of pages to print for free. Students will be required to login or swipe their IDs to pick up their print jobs.

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