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MTSU ID is required to enter the lab after 10 pm.

University Lab Hours

Lab Opens

Mon    August 24th @ 7AM

Sun    1PM through Fri 10PM
Sat      9AM - 10PM

Scheduled Closings

Labor Day (Sept 7)
Close: Sun, Sept 6th @ 11:59PM
Reopen: Tue, Sept. 8th @ 7AM

Fall Break (Oct 10-13)
Close: Fri, Oct. 9th @ 10PM
Reopen: Wed, Oct. 14th @ 7AM

Thanksgivings Break (Nov 25-28)
Close: Tue, Nov. 24th @ 11:59PM
Reopen: Sun, Nov. 29th @ 1PM

Close for End of Semester
Thu, Dec 10th @ 6PM

JCBSurvey (Qualtrics)


JCBSurvey is an online survey management system that allows for the creation and deployment of online surveys.  To start creating surveys, faculty must create an account using the instructions outlined in our Quick Start Guide [PDF].

Alternatively, faculty members can request that JCB.ITS manages their surveys.  The information below outlines the procedures to initiate that service.

Link:  jcbsurvey.qualtrics.com

(Optional) Have JCB.ITS Manage Faculty Surveys

  • Faculty Survey Request
    • Faculty submits email requesting an online survey to jcbhelp@mtsu.edu.
    • Our Graduate Assistant will contact the faculty to setup a meeting.
  • Survey Design
    • Faculty designs the survey questions.
    • Faculty submits the survey design to Graduate Assistant.
    • GA will work with he faculty in creating the online survey.
  • Survey Approval
    • GA submits survey link for faculty approval.
    • Faculty approves preliminary survey form previous pilot testing.
  • Survey Pilot Testing
    • Survey is distributed to a test group for quality control.
    • It is recommended that test users run the survey from multiple geographic locations and using different hardware and software.
    • Survey pilot data collection to ensure:
      • URL link is correct
      • Survey is displayed properly in multiple browsers.
      • Survey security is acceptable
      • Data is being properly collected.
      • Conditions (pages/questions) and computations are working.
      • Form navigation is adequate.
      • Survey look and feel is correct (pictures, colors, fonts.)
    • Survey pilot data validation
      • Ensure data is properly saved and processed.
      • Data can be exported correctly (aliases in Excel.)
      • Ensure data can be extracted in the desired format.
  • Survey Distribution 
    • Survey should contain IRB number before final deployment.
    • Once survey is made ACTIVE no other changes can be done to it.
    • Send survey link via email list or web page.
  • Survey Data Collection
    • Collect responses on defined period of time.
  • Close survey and extract data
    • Once survey period is expired, Deactivate the survey.
    • Export response data to Excel.
    • If need to use survey again, consider deleting old responses or create a copy of the survey with a timestamp identifier.