Facilities Services

A division of Business and Finance

The staff and their departments

Joe Whitefield Assistant Vice President, Facilities Services Department
  Executive Director Facilities Services Department, Director, Center for Energy Efficiency
Gerald Caudill Director, Engineering and Building Services, Construction / Renovation, Environmental Health and Safety
Reggie Floyd Director, Energy Services
<Vacant> Manager, Grounds Services, Motor Pool Services
Jay Wallace Director, Construction Administration / Capital Maintenance Services
Ramona Taylor Manager, Accounting Information Services
Linda Hardymon Manager, Center for Energy Efficiency / MTSU Recycling Program
Connie Hagberg Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance / Employee Development
Joyce Reed Coordinator, Work Order Services
Kelly Ostergrant Executive Aide, Facilities Services Department

Strategic Intent
Facilities Services Work Standards
Quality Standards
Our History
EEOC/AF Policy  Compliance