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Honors students are strongly encouraged to seek study abroad opportunities. Ideally, students should plan to complete study abroad experiences during the summer or during the fall of the junior year. Students can count a maximum of nine semester hours from study abroad experiences toward the Honors College graduation requirements. In some instances, three hours may apply as upper-division interdisciplinary seminar credit if the course qualifies and approval is granted before the trip dates.

There are four types of approved study abroad programs:

1. Consortium programs (e.g. CCSA, KIIS)

2. Exchange programs (e.g. ISEP)

3. MTSU faculty-directed programs

4. Independent programs.

Study Abroad Intent Form: Students wishing to receive Honors credit for studying abroad must first complete the Honors Study Abroad Intent Form after meeting with a representative from the MT Abroad Office, Peck Hall 207, (615-898-5091) and then with the Honors College academic advisor, April Goers in HONR 228, (615-898-5464). Intent should be established prior to trip dates.

The Intent Form must have the signature of the MT Abroad Office BEFORE it is turned in to the Honors College!

NEED A PASSPORT?We can help!
National Passport Day is an annual event held by the U.S. Department of State in an effort to inspire travel. In recognition of National Passport Day, the Honors College offers students $100 Passport Scholarships. This brings the cost for the student to only $50!

Passport Scholarship Day will be held on Wednesday, March 5, 2014.

Limited slots are available for passport scholarships. Students will be selected through an application process (see form below). Students must have a 2.5 GPA and fill out the application to be considered.

Completed applications are due on:
Friday, February 7, 2014
to HONR 205.

A passport is one of the first steps in a journey abroad. We encourage all qualified students to apply! If you have questions, please contact Laura Clippard (615-898-5464), or April Goers (615-494-7767).

Study Abroad Scholarship/Intent Form
Study Abroad Scholarship Acceptance Form
Passport Scholarship Form




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