Interdisciplinary Faculty and Student Collaboration


CollaborationThe insitute is looking to develop a culture that fosters interdisciplinary research at MTSU.   This is established through a main theme of big data but can be any area of research or collaboration that fosters interdisciplinary intitiatives. Faculty and students across all of MTSU’s 41 departments and nine doctoral programs have much to contribute and fostering this opportunity is a major objective for the Data Science Institute. 

Examples of opportunities for interdisciplinary faculty and student collaboration:

  • Big Data Research - whether it is Blue Mars or Autonomous Systems - all faculty and students can participate.
  • Industry Partnerships - opportunties to work with companies always includes a domain knowledge expert and other individuals as a support function.  For example, opportunities in music require individuals that know the business, but may need additional support for what to do with the data.
  • FacultyGovernment Partnerships - excellent projects that are funded that can help our community can be wonderful opportunities for collaboration.  Whether it is working with individuals in criminal justice as well as analytics to solve issues within our community or working with a local chamber of commerce.
  • Community Involvement - opportunities to work with our community usually required expertise from several disciplines, and most have a need for data.  Therefore, opportunities that have service component but also have other needs will be a good opportunity for collaboration.
  • Other opportunities:
    • Initial research for start-ups that need some analysis of data.
    • Kaggle style competitions to allow students to work on big data projects.
    • Research analysis
    • Training for using predictive analytics, Python, data cleansing, etc. for faculty and students.