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Tennessee State and Local Public Policy Paper Proposals

Do you have a proposal for a policy paper on a current policy issue at the state or local level in Tennessee? The PERI is now accepting proposals for our policy paper series. Accepted author(s) will receive an honorarium to research and write their policy paper. Policy papers should bring academic research to bear on the selected policy issue and provide an in-depth analysis of the policy issue here in Tennessee, including avenues for potential reform which will likely include detailing successful or unsuccessful reforms undertaken in other states. All topics relevant to state and local public policy in Tennessee will be considered. Potential research areas may include occupational licensing, fiscal outlook, criminal justice reform, education policy, public pensions, civil asset forfeiture reform, tax policy, and prison reform. Accepted author(s) must submit their draft by November 15th, 2019, to be followed by editing and refereeing before being published in the PERI’s Public Policy Series in February 2020. Papers in this series come with a guarantee of quality scholarship, so rigorous scholarship and fact-checking is expected. In addition to the quality of the paper proposal, the soundness of the proposed methodology, the relevancy of the topic, and the credentials of the author(s) to address the issue will also be taken into consideration. In addition to submitting a final accepted draft of the policy paper, author(s) will be expected to prepare a media release write-up of their policy paper, an op-ed detailing the results of their policy paper for submission to newspapers, and to prepare for and participate in media interviews.

To submit a proposal, please send the following to Dr. Daniel J. Smith (  

  • Cover Letter
  • C.V. – Detailing any relevant policy or media experience
  • Paper Proposal
  • Conflict of Interest Statement – Detail any potential conflicts of interest you may have conducting research on the proposed topic or state that there is no conflict of interest

You may also reach out to Dr. Smith on any questions you may have about the submission process or our policy paper series.


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