Our People


Dr. Daniel J. Smith

Dr. Daniel J. Smith

‣ Director, Political Economy Research Institute
‣ Professor of Economics, Jennings A. Jones College of Business

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 Ennio Piano

Dr. Ennio Emanuele Piano

Assistant Professor

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 Sprick Schuster

Dr. Steven D. Sprick Schuster

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Gabriel F. Benzecry

Assistant Professor of Economics and Bretzlaff Scholar at Northwood University

2023 MTSU/PERI Alum

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Dr. Bryan Caplan

Professor of Economics at George Mason University
(PERI Visiting Faculty)

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Dr. E. Anthon Eff

Dr. E. Anthon Eff

Professor, Department of Economics and Finance

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Jarett Decker, J.D., CPA

Joey Jacobs Chair of Excellence in Accounting, MTSU


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Dr. Michael Federici

Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science and International Relations, MTSU

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Dr. Justin Gardner

Associate Professor, Department of Agriculture, MTSU

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Dr. Nour Kattih

Dr. Nour Kattih

Lecturer, Department of Economics and Finance, MTSU

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Dr. Andrei Korobkov

Dr. Andrei Korobkov

‣ Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations, MTSU

‣ Vice President and Program Chair, Post Communist States in IR Section,
    the International Studies Association

‣ Professor and Director of Russian Studies Minor

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Dr. Adam Rennhoff

Dr. Adam Rennhoff

Professor, Department of Economics and Finance, MTSU 

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Dr. Louis Rouanet

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Western Kentucky University


Dr. Ben Stickle

Dr. Ben Stickle

‣ Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice Administration, MTSU

‣ Senior Fellow For Criminal Justice at The Beacon Center of Tennessee

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Dr. Wisarut Suwanprasert

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Finance, MTSU

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walker todd

Dr. Walker Todd

Lecturer, Department of Economics and Finance, MTSU


Dr. David Urban

Dean, Jones College of Business, MTSU
Professor, Department of Marketing

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Dr. Tammy Waymire

Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, MTSU

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 Gabriel Fancher

Henrietta Bailey, MBA, MS

Executive Aide





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