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MTSU’s Department of Marketing is home to the IGA Office of Professional Sales. This office is funded to build our program to best meet the needs of students. Successful sales professionals are enthusiastic, relationship-oriented people who take initiative and enjoy exceeding expectations. Through coursework, experiential learning, extracurricular activities, and interaction with sales professionals, you can prepare for the transition into the business world.

Benefits of a sales career:

  • High earning potential
  • Opportunity for travel
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Daily variety of tasks
  • Working with and helping people and businesses 

Did you know?

Businesses are looking for individuals in the area of sales and sales management. Over 4,000 positions are expected to open annually in Tennessee, making sales a lucrative field open to recent graduates.  Differentiate yourself and prepare to succeed by studying professional sales. It will make a difference.  

What the Professional Selling Concentration can help you do:

  • Improve your communication skills through practice in the Mel Adams State Farm Agent Professional Sales Lab
  • Develop your confidence
  • Meet sales professionals through networking events
  • Get travel opportunities while in school
  • Connect you to job opportunities before graduation!

Learn—coursework in the concentration

  • MKT 3840 Professional Selling
  • MKT 3950 Business-to-Business Marketing
  • MKT 4800 Sales Management
  • MKT 4850 Advanced Selling 

Plus two additional electives from: MKT 3825, 3855, 3900, 4510, 4870, 4950, and FIN 3030 or 3050

Get experience—learn by doing—develop a professional network

  • MTSU Sales Team
  • Job shadowing
  • Special sales events
  • Sales career events
  • Internships
  • Guest speakers

Professional Selling Concentration Student Brochure

Center for Professional Selling
BAS N436

Mel Adams State Farm Agent Professional Sales Lab
BAS S123


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