MTSU Quantum Science Initiative


Quantum Information Science (QIS) is a rapidly growing field with enormous potential to transform various areas, including computing, national security, and information technology. The National Quantum Initiative  recognizes QIS as a national priority research area, and the U.S. government, along with academic and industrial research enterprises, has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting QIS through substantial investments in quantum infrastructure, research, education, and technologies.

Focus: In alignment with the national efforts and recognizing the immense potential of QIS research and education to make a significant impact on the region and the nation, MTSU launched the Quantum Science Initiative (QSInitiative) in Spring 2023. The MTSU QSInitiative is focused on advancing research, education, and outreach in the fields of quantum materials, quantum information, and quantum education. The initiative aims to develop a talented workforce of researchers and educators who will contribute to the region's quantum ecosystem. MTSU is located just 35 miles from Nashville, one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the country, providing a unique opportunity to position itself as a hub for quantum science and education in the Middle Tennessee region. As a recently established R2 research university, MTSU can attract top talent to its campus and expand its expertise in quantum sciences, strengthening its contributions to the region's economy.

Impact: The MTSU QSInitiative  aims to integrate quantum concepts into existing courses and programs, train students in quantum science, and develop new educational programs at all levels, including K-20. The initiative also seeks to establish partnerships with regional universities, industry partners, and K-20 teachers to foster the development of TN quantum-ready workforce. The MTSU QSInitiative is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering an interdisciplinary collaborative environment, and engaging underrepresented groups. Our goal is to provide access to quantum resources to a broad and diverse community and inspire individuals from all backgrounds to participate in quantum science. Through these efforts, we aim to nurture the next generation of quantum leaders and support the creation of a robust quantum ecosystem in Tennessee, positioning MTSU as a leader in this field in the region.

MTSU QSInitiative Leadership

Hanna Terletska, MTSU QSI Leader Ron Henderson Hanna Terletska, MTSU QSI Leader.   
Hanna Terletska 
MTSU QSInitiative Head
Founder of Quantum@MTSU  
Associate Professor    
Department of Physics and Astronomy  
Middle Tennessee State University  
Phone: 615-898-2972
Ron Henderson  
Chairman, Professor         
Department of Physics and Astronomy  
Middle Tennessee State University  
Phone: 615-898-2130
Ryan Otter  
Professor, Director        
Data Science institute  
Middle Tennessee State University  
Phone: 615-898-2063