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Alumni Newsletter May 2022

Military Science Alumni Chapter, Middle Tennessee State University

Greetings Blue Raider Military Science Alumni Chapter Members,

Sharing news from another fine academic year for the Blue Raider Battalion. Your alumni chapter supports ROTC Cadets on their journey to commissioning as Army Officers.  We work with the MTSU Advancement Office and chapter members to update our records so we can reach our 1,500+ MSAC members.  Please share this newsletter with other MSAC members so we can maintain contact. 

For the April 14, 2022, Spring Awards Ceremony, MSAC provided 2 awards and 3 scholarships.

  • MSAC Award for peer leadership: Cadet Michael Maynard
  • ROTC Foundation Scholarships:
  • Cadet Matthew Chappell
  • Cadet Seth Pilgrim (his Dad is a MTSU ROTC alumnus)
  • Cadet Rebeca Mathad
  • Alumni General Officer Saber presented to Cadet Tyson Ramsey, incoming Cadet Battalion Commander, by BG (R) David Ogg

                Awards Ceremony                                                                                 General Officer                  

On May 6, 2022, MTSU ROTC Commissioned 13 new officers into the Regular Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard. Branches included Aviation, Ordnance, Chemical, Military Intelligence, Air Defense Artillery, Transportation, Cyber, Adjutant General, Medical Service, Military Police, and Quartermaster. The turnout of family and friends was tremendous creating a standing room only crowd. Watching Cadets take their oath of office as 2LT never gets old.

This summer MTSU will send 17 Cadets to Summer Camp at Fort Knox KY. At the end of summer, we are looking forward to greeting the new Professor of Military Science, LTC Wilsher, when he and his family arrive in August 2022.

The MSAC Annual Meeting will be on November 12, 2022, at the MTSU Army ROTC Building.  We have not set the time as we await the Veterans Salute Football Game against UNC Charlotte television broadcast scheduling.   We will have Zoom set up for virtual attendance again this year.

We did not receive nominations this past year for the MSAC Hall of Fame or the Virginia S. Austin Service Award. Please consider nominating worthy candidates using the forms at the web link below. 

MSAC Membership Dues:  Remember to send in our membership dues to Nancy Garner at to submit.  The current dues system is:  Lifetime Membership (scaled by age) 40-under:  $350; 41-50:  $300; 51-60:  $250; 61-70: $150; 71-80:  $125; 80-above:  $100; OR Yearly Membership:  Gold Hooah:  $80; Silver Trooper:  $40; Bronze Raider:  $20.

MSAC Funds Update:  The 3 funds where you can contribute to support our Cadets and Military Science Department are below.  To contribute see the Online links at the end of the newsletter.  Remember, donations are 100% tax deductible.

-- MSAC Alumni Capstone Fund: Current Amount: $14,638.  This is a general-purpose fund used to support the priorities of the Military Science Department.  This fund is under the direction and control of the Dean of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences with recommendations from the Military Science Department Chair and the MSAC President. MSAC members through the MSAC President have direct recommendation input through the MSAC President into the use of these donations. Please consider shifting your donations from the already substantial ROTC Alumni Scholarship account to the Capstone account.  

-- ROTC Alumni Scholarship: Current Principal: $150,289.  This account is controlled by MTSU and influenced by the PMS. This funding amount is amazing, and more than enough to support the ROTC Department's desire to provide scholarships to deserving Cadets.  Since 1999, MSAC has provided 41 Cadets with scholarships totaling $69,310 

-- Alumni General Officer Award: Current Total: $1,368.  These funds, controlled by MTSU and influenced by the PMS, are donated by the 13 currently living Alumni General Officers (total ROTC Alumni Generals is 17).  The funds are specifically directed for the purchase of an Officer/Military Dress Saber presented each year to the new MTSU Cadet Battalion Commander.   

ALL ONLINE GIFTS:  Click the below link to make a gift online.  Donations to Military Science Alumni Capstone Fund #91386 offer the greatest flexibility and benefit to the Military Science Department.

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--Mail your donations/gift check, payable to the MTSU Foundation to:  MTSU Foundation, Wood-Stegall Center, P.O. Box 109, Murfreesboro, TN  37132


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  • Our updated MSAC email address: is open for information sharing.
  • Keep your Email Up-to-Date:Any changes or updates let Nancy Garner know at  Also, if you are on active duty, email Nancy and give her your branch, duty status and duty location.   
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  • MTSU ROTC Twitter:  @MTSUROTC is used by the MSAC for meeting updates and newsletter notifications.
  • KIAs:  If you know of an MTSU Army ROTC alumnus that was killed-in-action, please submit their names by e-mail to Nancy Garner at


Let’s all remain True Blue!


Rickey E. Smith                                                                    Doug Chaffin

MSAC President                                                                  MSAC Vice-President                                            

Senior Executive/Colonel USA (Retired)                         Lieutenant Colonel USA (Retired)

Class ’78                                                                                Class ’78