Chemistry Department Seminar Schedule

 If you are interested in presenting, please contact Dr. Charles Chusuei by email.  Come early to chat with the speaker and other attendees.  Due to social distancing and covid-19 measures, all seminars will be presented on Zoom until further notice.  During the Fall and Spring semesters, normal seminar meeting times are on Fridays at 3:15PM.

Titles in blue text denotes seminars being held at non-regular times.

Reminders to MS students:  Turn in your abstract pages to the seminar host at the conclusion of each scheduled talk, following the Q&A session. Consult the MS Chemistry Handbook for important requirements to be fulfilled for your degree. Remember to submit your abstract (click here  to see an example) 10 days before your scheduled defense date.
Additional information can be found on our MTSU MS Chemistry Blog.



Jan 29, 2021

Welcome Class of 2022 and returning MS students!  

Feb 5, 2021

No seminar, MTSU Graduate Fair, 4:00-5:30 PM
(Oscar Karki + Avraz Anwar will give 5 min presentations during the fair.)

Feb 12, 2021

Prof. Eric Mazur, Harvard University
"Subcellular Surgery and Nanosurgery"

Feb 19, 2021

Prof. Paul S. Cremer, Penn State University
“Metallomembranes: Exploring the Interactions of Transition Metal Ions with Lipid Bilayers”


Feb 26, 2021

Prof. Michelle Personick, Wesleyan University
“Growing Model Catalysts Through the Tailored Design of Shaped Bimetallic Nanoparticles”

Mar 19, 2021

Prof. Guoqi Zhang, Department of Sciences
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
City University of New York (CUNY)
"Base Metal Complexes of Pincer-Type Ligands for Reduction Catalysis" 
(Host: Prof. Keying Ding)

Mar 26, 2021

Mr. Avraz Anwar (MS thesis defense)
"Novel Synthesis of Cyclopropyl Peptiodomimetics as 20S Proteasome Inhibitors"

Apr 2, 2021

Prof. Roger M. Leblanc, University of Miami
"Versatile Carbon Dots: Syntheses, Characterizations and Applications"
Apr 7, 2021
Mr. Nosakhare Igie (MS thesis defense)
"Development of Phytochemical Extraction Methods Using Microwave and Ultrasonication Techniques"
Wednesday at 9:00 AM
Apr 7, 2021
Ms. Mary Tran (MS thesis defense)
"Conversion of a Short Lipopeptoid into Longer Non-lipidated Repeat Peptoids with Improved Activity"
Wednesday at 2:00 PM

Apr 9, 2021

Prof. D. Howard Fairbrother, Johns Hopkins University
"Environmental Technology: A Chemistry Perspective"

Apr 20, 2021
Ms. Robbie Humphries (MS thesis defense)
"Microwave Synthesis of Phosphorus Based Flame Retardants"
Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Apr 23, 2021

Prof. Frank D. Blum, Oklahoma State University
"Room Temperature Polymerization in Concentrated Emulsion Gels"

Apr 29,
Ms. Kami Dyer (MS thesis defense)
"Extraction Characterization and Monosaccharide Composition Comparison of Polysaccharides Extracted from Cannabis sativa Cherry Hemp Root and Fedora 17 Hemp Leaves"
Thursday at 1:00 PM


Dr. Konstantinos Vogiatizis, Department of Chemistry, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
"Quantum Chemistry in the Era of Artificial Intelligence"

Note to visiting seminar speakers:  The address of the Science Building is: 440 Friendship Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.  You may set your GPS destination to this location.  A parking spot will be reserved for you in advance of your visit.