Chemistry Department Seminar Schedule

If you are interested in presenting, please contact Dr. Chengshan Wang by email.  Come early to chat with the speaker and other attendees.  Unless otherwise noted below, seminars will be held on Fridays at 3:15PM in the Science Building, Room 1191.

Blue text denotes seminars being held at non-regular times and/or remotely.

Reminders to MS students:  Turn in your abstract pages to the seminar host at the conclusion of each scheduled talk, following the Q&A session. Consult the MS Chemistry Handbook for important requirements to be fulfilled for your degree. Remember to submit your abstract (click here  to see an example) 10 days before your scheduled defense date.
Additional information can be found on our MTSU MS Chemistry Blog.



Aug 26, 2022

Dr. Charles Chusuei, "Welcome returning MS Chemistry students!"

Sept 2,

Dr. Mengliang Zhang, MTSU Chemistry Department
"Tenure Tour: New Insights into the Forensic Chemistry and Nano Materials with DART-MS"

Sept 9,

Dr. Kevin Bicker, MTSU Chemistry Department
"High-throughput discovery and development of antifungal peptoids"

Sept 16,

Dr. Keying Ding , MTSU Chemistry Department
"Switching Synthesis Between Borrowing Hydrogen and Acceptorless Dehydrogenative Coupling by a Molecular Cobalt Catalyst"

Oct 14,
Dr. Weiwei Zheng, Syracuse University
"From Impurities to Functionality: Doping in Nanocrystals"
By Zoom (Host: Dr. Keying Ding)

Oct 21,

Dr. Yujun Zheng, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of Georgia, Athens
"Two Tales of Sulfur-Activated Chemistry in Biological System" at SCI 1191 (Host: Chengshan Wang)

Oct 28,

Christopher Ewuola (MS thesis defense)
"The Surface Behavior of Segmental Peptides of α-Synuclein in the Presence and Absence of Phospholipids by Langmuir Monolayer and Surface FT-IR Techniques" 

Nov 4,

Dr. Thanh Do, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
"Investigate Biomolecular Structures with Mass Spectrometry & Crystallography” 2.”Cyclosporines: New Stories From an Old Molecule"

Nov 11,
Dr. Rebecca Pinals, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
"Engineering at the Nano-Bio Interface: Protein Corona Formation on Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensors" by Zoom
(Host: Dr. Charles Chusuei)
Nov 28,
Biliquis Yetunde Bintinlaiye (MS thesis defense)
"Forensic Identification of Red Dyes on Fabric Fibers Using Raman Microscopy and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Coupled with Microwave Assisted Micro-Extraction" in SCI 3107 at 10:00AM

Note to visiting seminar speakers:  The address of the Science Building is: 440 Friendship Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.  You may set your GPS destination to this location.  A parking spot will be reserved for you in advance of your visit.