CLA Faculty and Staff Awards Nomination Form

Faculty Research/Creative Activity Award--This award recognizes significant research or creative activity by a faculty member.

Faculty Student Mentoring Award--This award winner is a professor/instructor who meets with students outside of class and helps them to prepare for their futures.  This person helps students to do things like find internships, strategize for graduate school or the job market, or make their way through life. 

Faculty Student Success Award--This award honors a professor/instructor who goes out of his or her way to make sure that students are successful.  This might include success in courses taught by the professor or maybe even others. This person does things like make time to set up study sessions, point students to resources, and follow through to help a student find his or her way at MTSU.

Faculty Teaching Award--This award recognizes superior teaching in the classroom. 

Staff Student Success Award--This award honors a member of the College staff who goes beyond the call of duty to help students.  Staff are non-professor/instructor employees.

Nominations for this year's awards closed on Friday, February 18, 2022.