Minor in Business Administration

Business Administration Minor

Jill Austin, Advisor

The minor in Business Administration provides students with an overview of business. Business disciplines represented by the required courses in the minor include accounting, business law, computer information systems, finance, management, and marketing. The minor is designed for students who need a general knowledge of business as a foundation for work in their disciplines of study. A 2.00 GPA is required, and 3 hours at the upper-division level must be taken at MTSU.

Required Courses (18 hours)

  • INFS 2200 - Introduction to Microcomputing  INFS credit hours  OR  OR 

    INFS 2200 - Introduction to Microcomputing

    3 credit hours

    Microcomputer applications and the microcomputer environment. (Not open to CIS majors.)

  • ACTG 3000 - Survey of Accounting for General Business

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisites: A college-level math course; ENGL 1010; sophomore standing. Accounting cycle given minor emphasis; financial statement analysis and managerial uses of accounting given major emphasis. May be used for general business minors or M.B.A. candidates who have had no previous accounting courses. (Not open to Accounting majors and students with credit in ACTG 2110 and ACTG 2120.)


  • ACTG 2110 - Principles of Accounting I  ACTG credit hours  AND  AND 

    ACTG 2110 - Principles of Accounting I

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisites: A college-level math course; ENGL 1010; sophomore standing. Financial accounting for proprietorships and partnerships with emphasis on the accounting cycle for service and merchandising organizations. Additional topics include accounting for receivables; inventories; property, plant, and equipment; and current liabilities. (Not open to students with credit in ACTG 3000.)

  • ACTG 2120 - Principles of Accounting II  ACTG credit hours  OR  OR 

    ACTG 2120 - Principles of Accounting II

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ACTG 2110. A continuation of financial accounting concepts with emphasis on debt and equity structures, the statement of cash flows, and ratio analysis. Managerial accounting topics include job, standard- and activity-based costing, cost/volume/profit (CVP) analysis, and budgeting. (Not open to students with credit in ACTG 2125 or ACTG 3000.) [Same as TBR Community Colleges ACCT 1020.]

  • ACTG 2125 - Principles of Accounting II for Accounting Majors

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ACTG 2110 with a minimum grade of C. Reporting for corporations with emphasis on issues relating to debt and equity, the Statement of Cash Flows, reporting for manufacturing companies, and other issues related to the profession of accounting. (Not open to students with credit in ACTG 2120.)

  • FIN 3000 - Survey of Finance  FIN credit hours  OR  OR 

    FIN 3000 - Survey of Finance

    3 credit hours

    Will not substitute for FIN 3010. An overview of the fundamental concepts and tools for financial decision making within a business firm. (Not open to business majors.)

  • FIN 3010 - Principles of Corporate Finance

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Junior standing. Theory of corporate finance, emphasizing wealth creation, valuation, risk, capital budgeting, and cost of capital.

  • BLAW 3400 - Legal Environment of Business  BLAW credit hours  OR  OR 

    BLAW 3400 - Legal Environment of Business

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Junior standing. Legal rights and potential liabilities of business persons. Presentation of the dynamic nature of law in responding to the changing social, ethical, political, regulatory, and international environment. Includes the development and nature of the legal system; business crimes; the law of torts and product liability; constitutional limitations on regulatory powers; legislative, judicial, and administrative control of business activity through the laws of business organizations, securities regulations, antitrust laws, employment laws, labor and safety laws, and consumer protection.

  • BLAW 3430 - Commercial Law  BLAW credit hours  

    BLAW 3430 - Commercial Law

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisites: Junior standing; admission into the College of Business. Legal rights and potential liabilities of business persons. Includes basic law of contracts; UCC; sales; commercial paper; secured transactions and credit; bankruptcy; personal property and bailments; real property; and wills, trusts, and estates.

  • MGMT 3610 - Principles of Management

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Junior standing. Concepts of the management functions of planning, organizing, and controlling with an emphasis on behavioral science concepts as applied to managing people in organizations.

  • MKT 3820 - Principles of Marketing

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Junior standing. Survey of the functions, processes, and institutions involved in the distribution of consumer and industrial goods and services. Decision making in marketing management introduced.