IGNITE Your Career With Professional Development

IGNITE Fall 2023 Schedule


 IGNITE is a professional development program designed to increase awareness of career preparation issues, develop knowledge and skills to navigate the process of landing a professional entry level job, and instill confidence to compete for jobs in your chosen field.

All Jones College of Business majors are eligible to receive all benefits of taking part in the program. All students are welcome to attend IGNITE events unless noted otherwise but only College of Business majors are recognized for completing the program.

How does IGNITE work?

Attend any IGNITE events that would be beneficial to you or that spark your interest. (Registration is required where noted on schedule. e.g. Etiquette Dinner.)   To get the most from the program, it is recommended that you complete at least one activity in each category (Workshops, Career Development, Business Engagement, and Leadership & Involvement). To earn a certificate of completion, eligible students will:

  1. Complete an application to IGNITE and be a member of the IGNITE program for a minimum of two semesters.
  2. Earn at least 100 points through designated events and activities. 
  3. Submit a reflective report during your graduating semester of your experiences in IGNITE (due October 31 for December graduates or March 31 for May and August graduates).

To earn points (or extra credit from your professor*), you must:

  • Arrive on time - Late entry is unprofessional and discourteous.

  • Stay for the entire event, whether it is in person or online.

  • For all events, attendance will be taken via QR code/Microsoft Forms link.

  • For virtual events, please use your real name and MTSU email address.

  • *Not all professors offer extra credit for attending IGNITE events.  Please check your syllabus for this information.

How do I begin to IGNITE my career?

Click here: IGNITE program application . Print the form, complete it, scan it, and email it to Donna.Gunter@mtsu.edu

Sign up for IGNITE in the Department of Management office (BAS N121) or contact:

Earning IGNITE Certificate Points

The categories and a sampling of events with their point values are listed below. 

(10 points each*)
Career Development Business Engagement Leadership & Involvement
  • Résumé building workshops-Critique by professional recruiters
  •  “How to work a room” (Face-to-face networking strategies)
  • Interview practice (mock interviews, Interview Stream, etc.)
  • Networking via LinkedIn
  • Formal brainstorming, working on cross-functional teams
  • Building an e-portfolio
  • “Mocktail” reception- Networking and appropriate behavior at a business reception
  • Professional branding – “Utilizing social media to build your professional brand”
  • Etiquette dinner
  • Developing your elevator speech
  • Business communication–“Will your email make your boss LOL?”
  • Preparing for an interview- How to conduct industry and company research
*Can receive credit for a specific workshop only one time- no repeat credit 
  • Career Tuesdays (10 points)
  • Straight Talk (10 points)
  • “If I’d Only Known” (10 points)
  • Panel Interviews (15 points)
  • Digging Deeper (10 points)
  • Sales Career Showcase (15 points)
  • BEST Career Fair (15 points)
  • NAMA “Marketing the Marketer” (10 points)
  • Industry sector-specific information- tips for building careers in logistics, promotion, research, sales, etc. (10 points)
  • Internship info session (5 points)
  • Job Shadowing – 4-hour minimum (15 points); Eligible for points 1 time
  • Business Mentor – Minimum of 3 meetings or activities (15 points)
  • Internship (25 points)
  • Visit trade, business or networking groups (e.g., CABLE, Rutherford Chamber, Southeast Business Forum, NAMA, manufacturers councils, SHRM, etc.) (10 points)
  • Bus tour (10 points)
  • Student Organization involvement – (15 points each semester); Must attend/participate in at least 3 organization-endorsed activities or events
  • Leadership Development - Examples include leadership positions in student organizations, SGA, Student Involvement, Leadership Presidium, or other campus offering or seminars offered (20 points for the year)





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