Interdisciplinary Minor in Native American Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Native American Studies draws upon the resources of Art, English, Geography and Geology, History, and Sociology and Anthropology to provide a comprehensive examination of the prehistory, history, culture, literature, art, and contemporary issues of Native Americans. The minor in Native American Studies requires 18 credit hours, including 3 hours of required courses, and 15 hours of general electives from the list below. Note: ANTH 4910, ART 3870, ART 4960, GEOG 4280, and UH 3500 (directed, independent study, or variable topics courses) cannot be applied towards this minor without prior approval of the minor advisor. No more than 3 hours of these courses may be applied towards the minor.

The Faculty Advisor for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Native American Studies is Dr. Kevin Smith. Office: TODD 313, Phone: 615-898-5958, Email:

Required Courses (3 hours)

  • SOC 4240 Race and Ethnic Relations

Electives (15 hours)

  • ANTH 3515 Peoples and Cultures of Native North America
  • ANTH 3520 North American Prehistoric Archaeology
  • ANTH 4910 Special Projects [Individual study -- must be arranged with Dr. Smith prior to enrollment]
  • ART 3870 Art of the Americas
  • ART 4960 Independent Studies in Art History [Individual study -- must be arranged with Dr. Kelker prior to enrollment]
  • ENGL 3300 Native American Literature
  • ENGL 4900 Selected Topics in Literature/Language: Native American Literature
  • GEOG 4280 Special Problems and Topics in Geography [Individual study -- must be arranged with Dr. Heffington prior to enrollment]
  • GEOG 4540 Geography of Native Americans
  • HIST 4690 Native American History
  • UH 3500 Junior Interdisciplinary Seminar -- Native American Literature [taught by Dr. Strawman]

Native American Studies Faculty

Heffington, J. Douglas. Professor. Department of Geosciences. Office: Peck Hall 322D. Telephone: (615) 898-5978. Email: 

Kelker, Nancy. Associate Professor. Department of Art and Design. Office: Art Barn Room 208. Telephone: (615) 904-8084. Email: 

Riley-Sousa, Mary Ashley. Assistant Professor. Department of History. Office: Peck Hall 284. Telephone: (615) 898-5805. Email:

Smith, Kevin E. Professor. Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Office: TODD 313. Telephone: (615) 898-5958. Email: