1. Work Group for External Resource Development

First Name Last Name Title Division / College
Carol Van West (Chair) Professor AA - LA
Mike Allen Dean AA - GS
Joe Bales Vice President DUR
William K. Black Professor AA - LIB
Mike Boyle Dean AA - CS
Nancy Bragg Assistant to Dean AA - BU
Tom Brinthaupt Psychology AA - Ed
Heather Brown Associate Professor, Engineering Technology AA - BA
Andri Friedeli Professor, Chemistry AA - BA
Pat Geho Director - TSBDC PRES
Rose Johnson Technical Clerk AA - BA
Chris Massaro Athletic Director ATH
Pat Patterson Chemistry AA- Ba
David Penn Bus & Econ. Res. AA - BU
Crickett Pimentel Director, Student Support Services SA
Donna Reed Accounting Clerk 3 BF
Carlissa Shaw Student Student
Kent Syler   External
Vincent Windrow Director, Intercultural and Diversity Affairs SA

2. Work Group for Energy Efficiency and Conservation Initiatives

First Name Last Name Title Division / College
Kathy Mathis (Chair) Associate Professor, Engineering Technology AA - BA
Richard Detmer Chair, Computer Science AA - BA
Sally Govan Editor - BERC AA - BU
David Gray Assistant Vice President - Facility Services BF
Kathy Kano Information Research Tech 2 SA
Jennifer Kirk Assistant Director of Student Unions & Programming SA
Larry Kirk   External
Mamolu Massaquoi Assistant Professor Walker Library AA - LIB
Kathy Mathis Associate Professor, Engineering Technology AA - BA
Brandon McNary Student Student
Patti Miller Assistant Vice President BF
Buddy Peaster Chief - University Police BF
Greg Schaffer Assistant Vice President IT
Mike Szul Associate Athletic Director ATH
Joe Whitefield Executive Director, Facility Services BF

3. Work Group For Realignment, Restructuring, Consolidation or Elimination of Non-Academic Support Units

First Name Last Name Title Division / College
Mike Gower (Co-Chair) Associate Vice President BF
Ron Malone(Co-Chair) Assistant Vice President, Events and Transportation Services BF
Rick Chapman Director, Health Services SA
Suma Clark Director - Publications and Graphics DUR
Lynne Gordon Analyst 3 - Human Resources BF
Lynn Greer   External
Ron Malone Assistant Vice President, Events and Transportation Services BF
Stan McCloud Coordinator, KUC SA
Diane Miller Vice Provost AA - AA
Bonnie Mullican Secretary BF
Kathy Musselman Assistant Vice President, Human Resources BF
Arthur Reed Campus Planning MGR
Frances Rich Administrative Assistant PRES
Connie Schmidt Director, Instruction Technology AA - ED
Kim Sokoya Professor, Management and Marketing AA - BU
Sara Sudak Executive Director, Housing SA
Shayna Taylor Student Student
Tom Wallace Associate Vice President IT
Cornelia Wills Director, Institutional Research AA - AA
Laurie Witherow Director, University College Advising Center SA
Jan Zijlstra Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences AA - BA

4. Work Group for Academic and Instructional Review

First Name Last Name Title Division / College
Charlie Baum (Chair) Economics and Finance AA - BU
Michelle Boyer-Pennington Professor, Psychology AA - ED
Larry Burriss Professor, Journalism AA - MC
Mark Byrnes Associate Dean AA - LA
Becky Cole Associate Vice President AA - AA
Warner Cribb Professor, Geology AA - LA
Cedric Dent Professor, School of Music AA - LA
Barbara Draude Assistant Vice President IT
Becky Fischer Chair, Speech and Theatre AA - LA
Bill Ford Chair holder, Weatherford Finance AA - BU
Chris Haseleu Chair, Recording Industry AA - MC
Ron Henderson Chair, Physics and Astronomy AA - BA
Sherian Huddleston Associate Vice President SA
Tina Johnson Professor - English AA - LA
Stephen Lewis Chair, Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship AA - BU
Willis Means Associate Professor - Elementary and Special Education AA - ED
John Omachonu Associate Dean AA - MC
Dennis Papini Chair, Psychology AA - ED
Fay Parham Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness Planning & Research AA
Dianna Rust Associate Dean - Continuing Education and Distance Learning AA - CS
Lita Warise Assistant Professor - Nursing AA - BA
Forrestine Williams Assistant to the President - Institutional Equity and Compliance PRES
Sondra Wilson Student Student
Andy Womack   External