Nashville State Community College A.A.S. in Police Science (Police Administration)

Degree Advancement Program: Advance from an A.A.S. into a Bachelor’s Degree


Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies allows the student to design their major around two areas of interest. Students can use their NSCC Police Science courses as one Area of Emphasis, and take MTSU’s Criminal Justice courses (which will be offered at NSCC-SE) as their second Area of Emphasis. They can also use MTSU’s Criminal Justice courses as electives. Or, the student can work with their MTSU advisor for a wide selection of course options.

Completing an A.A.S. in Police Science at Nashville State Community College builds an excellent foundation and preparation for a bachelor’s degree program. Sixty (60) credit hours may be transferred from NSCC and credited toward a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies available through MTSU’s University College. MTSU will offer a variety of Criminal Justice courses on the NSCC-SE campus or you may take courses online to allow your studies to fit around your work and family responsibilities.

How to get started

Contact the NSCC or MTSU representative listed below.

Nashville State Community College
Seneca McPhee

Nashville State Community College Requirements (Opens in a new tab)

Middle Tennessee State University

MTSU Requirements

English (choose one)
ENGL 1020 Research and Arg. Writing (MTSU) - 3 Credits

Literature3 Credits
Humanities and/or Fine Arts* - 3 Credits
History - 6 Credits
Science - 8 Credits
Social/Behavioral Sciences3 Credits
(Above are required. Student may have taken one as elective at NSCC)

Select a minimum of 4 of the following for 2nd area of emphasis:

CJA 3200 Research Methods w/Computer Technology* - 3 Credits
CJA 3230 Police Organization and Administration - 3 Credits
CJA 3250 Criminal Law - 3 Credits
CJA 3400 Constitutional Issues and Criminal Justice* - 3 Credits
CJA 3750 Terrorism and Criminal Justice - 3 Credits
CJA 3900 Organized and White Collar Crime - 3 Credits
CJA 4220 Community Relations/Minority Problems - 3 Credits
CJA 4260 Special Issues in Law Enforcement - 3 Credits
CJA 4330 Criminal Investigations - 3 Credits
CJA 4800 Crime in America: An Assessment - 3 Credits
CJA 4850 Private and Industrial Security - 3 Credits
CJA 4870 Security Law - 3 Credits
CJA 4900 Readings in Criminal Justice Admin. - 3 Credits
Other CJA courses offered through MTSU

*Technical Elective (choose one)

Capstone Course
UNIV 4995 Culminating Project Course - 3 Credits

Upper Division Electives - 30 Credits (CJA courses can be used)

Total Credit Hours - 68-71

*Students should consult with their MTSU advisors to determine courses that fulfill program requirements.

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