The Writing Center offers a number of ways for writers to get support for projects and assignments. To find one below to fit your needs, click on Types of Appointments below!

Our Writing Center uses an online portal called WCONLINE to schedule appointments. Click Using WCONLINE below for help to make your appointment through this online portal. You may also call us in the office during our operation hours to schedule an appointment or for assistance in using WCONLINE.

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  • To access the schedule, please go to  
  • If you don't already have a WCONLINE account, select "click here to register." Fill out the following form using your MTSU email address and choose whatever password you'd like. 
  • Once you have logged-in to the site, the schedule will appear as a kind of spreadsheet organized by the day of the week, starting with the present day.
    • You may also view future weeks' availability by clicking "Next Week >" at the top of the schedule.
  • To schedule an appointment, click on an uncolored, white box. A new window will open with the tutor's name at the top.
  • You may then click on the drop down menus next to "Time:" to make the slot fill
         30-minutes or 1-hour.
    • All appointments are 25 or 45 minutes in length, but they must be made in
      30-minute or 1-hour blocks on the schedule. 
  • Please then fill in the rest of the form with as much info as possible; this will help us best serve you.
  • If you are unable to schedule an appointment at a specific time, you may use
    the Wait-List feature.
     This feature is to be used if you need an appointment for a specific time and it is unavailable due to another appointment in its place. Because sometimes appointments will cancel ahead of time, you can use the Wait-List to be notified if a specific time becomes available. To use:
    • Click the clock symbol next to the date you would like to be Wait-Listed for. 
    • You may then specify which times you would like to notified about.
    • Then click 'Join the Waiting List'.
    • The system will then email you that the time has become available.
    • You may then log into your account or call us to schedule the appointment in that time slot.
      • NOTE: You will NOT be automatically filled into the available space,
        and someone else who is also on the Wait-List, or someone making their own appointment, may take the space. 
      • Appointments are always first come, first served. 
  • If you need assistance navigating the site, or if you'd like to make an appointment over the phone. Please call us at 615-904-8237 !
    • Reminder: If you cannot attend your session please call or email us to reschedule/cancel before the start of your session so we may continue to serve you.
      After 3 no-shows in a semester, you will no longer be able to have appointments with the UWC during that semester.

Types of Appointments

  • Face-to-face session: A 25 or 45 minute session where writers may work on any kind of writing including traditional essays, creative writing, speeches, multi-modal projects, and more!
  • Online session: A 25 or 45 minute session where you'll communicate in real time, Audio-Visual with a Writing Center consultant through WCONLINE, our online scheduler.  Please note: due to the limitations of our online software, we are not able to work with topics pertaining to formatting. 
  • Writing Partnership: A program that allows writers to meet weekly with a Writing Center consultant and work toward the writer's goal(s).  For more information or to request a Writing Partnership, see our Writing Partnership page.
  • Group tutoring: Have a group group project? Make an appointment in which a Writing Center consultant will facilitate collaboration on your project. All group members must be present for a group session and working on a single project.

Tips for a Successful Visit

  • Be as detailed as possible when making your appointment.  The more we know about you need from your Writing Center session, the better prepared we can be when your session begins. 
  • Show up on time, and be prepared with whatever assignment you are working on.  If you are working on a class assignment, bring the assignment guidelines.
  • If you will need to print your paper for your session, show up a few minutes early so that you use of all of your session time.
  • Feel free to bring your own personal computer or device -- we can work from there, too.
  • Arrive to your session with an open mind --
  • we will use a variety of writing strategies to help you reach your goals for your session.
  • If you are ten minutes late or do not show up, you will be marked as a no-show. Remember, you can cancel your appointment by accessing the schedule at or by calling us at 615.904.8237. After 3 no-shows in a semester, you will no longer be able to have appointments with the UWC during that semester.
Office Phone

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