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SECTION 10: Violations and Penalties

10-1: The goal of campus parking enforcement is to obtain compliance with the institution's parking rules and regulations. The purpose of enforcement is to provide service to faculty, staff, and students who have paid the appropriate parking fees and who are voluntarily complying with parking regulations.

10-2: The following fines will be assessed for the listed violation:

  1. Parked in unassigned space $25.00
  2. No campus permit $30.00
  3. Overtime parking $10.00
  4. Parked in reserved space $30.00
  5. Parked by yellow curb $30.00
  6. Improperly parked $20.00
  7. Disabled space/ramp $200.00
  8. Permit not displayed properly $20.00
  9. Permit not legible $20.00
  10. Parked in tow zone $50.00
  11. Parked in a fire lane $100.00
  12. Blocking fire hydrant $100.00
  13. Blocking walk/road $20.00
  14. Parked on grass $20.00
  15. Failure to display permit $20.00
  16. Parked in campus directory drive $20.00
  17. Littering $20.00
  18. Careless driving $30.00
  19. Speeding $30.00
  20. Failure to obey traffic control signal/sign $20.00
  21. One-way street $20.00
  22. Improper turn $20.00
  23. Displaying a White lost/stolen permit $200.00
  24. Displaying a Green lost/stolen permit $185.00
  25. Displaying a Blue lost/stolen permit $200.00
  26. Displaying a forged/altered permit $200.00
  27. Displaying an unauthorized permit $200.00
  28. Unidentifiable vehicle $50.00

10-3: Vehicles of violators with five (5) or more citations (paid or not paid) in a semester will be towed/booted at the owner's/registrant's expense.

10-4: Citations may be given every four (4) hours. No more than two (2) tickets will be issued per day for the same violation at the same location. This does not apply to being parked in a parking meter.

10-5: Overtime parking citations (meters) will be given every hour.

10-6: All fines are to be paid at the Bursar's Office Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Students can pay their fines through their Pipeline accounts.

10-7: Any student with unpaid parking fines will not receive grades or transcripts or be able to register for the next semester until the fines are paid.

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