How long does the application process take?

For existing ACM programs, allow two to three months for processing after you’ve submitted the entire application.  If you are requesting ACM benefits for a new program, please allow four to six months, as processing for new programs can take longer.

What do I do if I am interested in an MTSU program not offered in my home state, but I do not see that program on my state’s list?

Contact your home state’s ACM Coordinator to request that the program be added to your state’s list of eligible programs.

If I’m a resident of Florida, North Carolina, or Texas, may I participate?

Florida and Texas participate in the ACM only at the graduate level.  Residents of these states must be pursuing graduate studies (master's level or higher) to participate.  North Carolina does not participate in the ACM at this time.

When will ACM status be reflected on my account?

Your bill is generated after you register full-time (12 hours minimum for undergraduates; 9 hours minimum for graduate students.)  The bill can be found on your Pipeline account.  For questions regarding your bill, please contact the MT One Stop at mtonestop@mtsu.edu

Do I have to reapply each year for ACM?

No, certification is a one-time-only procedure provided you are actively pursuing the approved ACM major, remain enrolled full-time in good academic standing, and remain a resident of your certifying state.

I am re-enrolling and was previously in the ACM.  Do I need to do anything to participate again?

You must notify the MTSU ACM Coordinator that you wish to participate again.  You will be required to complete the application process again with MTSU and your home state coordinator.

If I change my major to a program that is not ACM approved, will I have to pay back the money I saved during the years I received ACM benefits?

Usually, you are not asked to pay back tuition for the years that you received ACM benefits.  However, if you change your major during a semester, you may be charged out-of-state tuition for that semester.

If I change my major to another ACM approved program, will I be granted in-state tuition?

Likely, but you will need to be recertified by your home state for the new ACM major by the first day of classes for the semester.

Am I allowed to have more than one major in the ACM?

Possibly. Each home state will make the decision of approving double majors and/or concentrations when one or more are outside the approved list.

For further information

Email acm@mtsu.edu or visit the SREBCommon Market