Finding Aids (Under Construction)


  • Adeline King Papers

    These are the papers of Adeline King, a well-educated and well-published Middle Tennessee woman. They document her life and career in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Smyrna. Of particular interest are her Smyrna Bulletins, written bi-weekly during World War II to local servicemen serving overseas.

  • Adgent Family Papers

    The Adgent Family Papers include booklets, newspaper clippings, papers and other ephemera related to life in rural Marshall County. Specifically, the papers document businesses, clubs and activities in which Sadie Harber and Sam Joe Adgent participated as county residents. These activities include clubs like 4-H, Future Homemakers of America and Home Demonstration; farming; horse breeding; local elections; religious institutions; local schools and regional tourism.

  • Albert Gore Sr. House of Representatives Papers

    The Albert Gore Sr. House of Representatives Papers include transcripts, personal correspondence, press releases, and ephemera covering Gore’s career in the United States House of Representatives from 1939 until 1953.

  • Albert Gore Sr. Senate Papers

    The Albert Gore Sr. Senate Papers include 900 linear feet of correspondence with other politicians, governmental departments, and constituents, as well as research files and casework. The papers cover Senator Gore’s work in the Senate from 1952 to 1970. The bulk of his papers covers 1962 to 1969. Topics include domestic and international trade and commerce, labor law, tax reform, transportation, medical care for older citizens, civil rights, and international relations. Four of the series in the collection are restricted. These series are Social Security Case Files, Veterans Case Files, Service Case Files, and Service Academy case files.

  • Andrew Gulliford Papers

    These papers pertain to the controversy surrounding interpretation at, and control of, the Sam Davis Home in Smyrna, Tennessee, in the mid-1990s. Dr. Andrew Gulliford, a history professor and director of the Public History program at MTSU, served on the board of trustees and was one of the most vocal advocates for reinterpretation at the Sam Davis Home. The Sam Davis Home Association and other local organizations disagreed with Dr. Gulliford and other trustees, resulting in a legal battle between the Board of Trustees and the Home Association.

  • Andy Womack Papers

    The Andy Womack Papers relate to Womack’s time as a Tennessee State Senator. They include cards, notes, correspondence, campaign materials, personal memorabilia, and newspaper clippings regarding his service as senator. The papers also include Tennessee Senate bills sponsored by Senator Womack.

  • B

  • Bart Gordon Papers

    The Bart Gordon Papers consist of documents and other materials produced during his service in the United States House of Representatives representing Tennessee's Sixth Congressional District. Included in these papers are materials from his Washington, D.C. Congressional office, his Congressional office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and his campaign operations, as well as personal items from Gordon's private life and college years at MTSU. In addition to physical documents and objects, the collection contains the data transferred from Gordon's Intranet Quorum (IQ) database that his staff used used to coordinate communications with constituents and to conduct casework involving constituents and federal agencies.

  • Battle of Nashville Monument Papers

    The Battle of Nashville Monument Papers pertain to the relocation, restoration and rededication during the 1990s of the Battle of Nashville Monument. These papers contain a large amount of correspondence, some flyers, some maps, some research, and limited photocopies of materials relating to the original 1927 monument. The papers demonstrate how the relocation and rededication effort relied on various organizations and entities within the Tennessee historical, governmental and social communities.

  • Bill Boner Papers

    William J. “Bill” Boner (born February 14, 1945) is a Tennessee educator and former Democratic politician. The Bill Boner Papers consist primarily of correspondence but also includes House resolutions, campaign organizational materials, booklets, briefings, brochures, newsletters, notes, and studies relating to Boner’s United States congressional career.

  • Buford Ellington Papers

    The Buford Ellington Papers includes articles and journals from 1957 to 1972, books related to Tennessee or U.S. government, speeches given by Ellington, and memorabilia from Ellington’s political career. In addition, the collection has numerous scrapbooks that have articles and photographs from Ellington’s career as governor of Tennessee. There are also photographs of various political events such as gubernatorial and presidential inaugurations, celebrations, and political campaigns.

  • Buleah Davis Papers

    This collection includes instructional materials used by Buleah Davis while she was a physical education instructor at MTSU. Also included are scanned images related to MTSC and MTSU history.

  • Business and Professional Women’s Club-Murfreesboro Chapter Records

    The Business and Professional Women’s Club, Murfreesboro Chapter, Records pertain primarily to the club’s final years of activity. Also included are a bound history of the organization, resolutions demonstrating the national organization’s ideals, and a 1988-1989 year book detailing the club’s activity during those years.

  • C

  • Carol Kammen Maymester 2015 Scrapbooks

    Five scrapbooks created by Carol Kammen’s maymester students for the course “Current Issues in Public History Practice: On Becoming a Public Historian.” Each scrapbook consists of entries explaining the students’ daily encounters with history throughout the course.

  • Cecil Flowers Papers

    These papers pertain to the life of Cecil Flowers (1923- ), particularly his relationship with the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni (NACCCA). During his time in the CCC, Flowers and other workers were instrumental in the development and maintenance of Tennessee state parks. After leaving the CCC, Flowers remained interested in the organization and became active with the NACCCA in the 1980s and 1990s. These papers reflect a lifetime of accumulated memorabilia and documents associated with this interest.

  • Charles M. “Bubber” Murphy Papers

    The Charles M. “Bubber” Murphy Papers include materials relating to Murphy’s time as an athlete and coach at Middle Tennessee State Teacher’s College.

  • Craddock Study Club Papers

    The Craddock Study Club Papers include organizational records, scrapbooks, and yearbooks pertaining to the Murfreesboro literary society formed in honor of Mary Noailles Murfree, pseudonym Charles Egbert Craddock. These papers are a valuable research source for topics such as Murfreesboro clubs, female societies, literary societies, and Middle Tennessee State University history.

  • D

  • Department of Recording Industry Records

    The Records of the Department of Recording Industry consists of materials relating to the history of the department, including articles and clippings, a virtual tour, departmental publications, and photographs.

  • Donnell and Rucker Family Papers

    The Donnell-Rucker Papers contain the records of the Donnell and Rucker families from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. These meticulously kept documents are useful for the study of historic farmhouses, early twentieth century families, Rutherford County and Murfreesboro history, history of medicine, family history, and genealogy. Materials of note include account ledgers, expense records, tax records, court case notes and records and correspondence. The bulk of these materials were kept by Mary Donnell.

  • Dot Harrison Papers

    The Dot Harrison Papers includes correspondence, rosters, newspaper articles, and photographs covering Harrison’s time as Director of Development and Communications Marketing at MTSU, as well as her work with the Nissan Affiliate Artists program, the MTSU Student Ambassadors, and the Volunteer Girls State. Also in the collection are documents recording visits to MTSU by President George H. W. Bush, John Bragg, and Walter Mondale, as well as commencement speeches from former MTSU Presidents Melvin G. Scarlett and Sam Ingram.

  • E

  • Elizabeth Schardt Papers

    The Elizabeth Schardt Papers include correspondence advising Schardt of a building being named in her honor, and memorabilia, including invitations and programs related to Schardt’s retirement, honorary building dedication, and graduation from Peabody College. Also included are newspaper clippings and a magazine article related to the dedication of Schardt Hall and Schardt’s death.

  • Emmett Gowen Scrapbook Collection

    The Emmett Gowen Scrapbook Collection consists of three scrapbooks composed of articles written by and pertaining to Emmett Gowen, an avid outdoorsman, journalist and novelist. Specifically, the scrapbooks relate to hunting and fishing, both locally and globally. Gowen’s articles were published in both local newspapers like The Tennessean and national magazines like Sports Illustrated and Field & Stream. This collection is particularly useful for research in outdoor recreation, Middle Tennessee journalism, world traveling, and national sports journalism.

  • Ernest Hooper Papers

    The Ernest Hooper Papers include correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, faculty senate reports, and self-studies based on Hooper’s time as a professor at Middle Tennessee State Teacher’s College.

  • Eugene Holloway Sloan Papers

    The Eugene Holloway Sloan Papers include materials related to Sloan’s work as a professor of business law and as director of Public Relations at Middle Tennessee State University. Materials include Sloan’s personal daily journals from 1960-1987, as well as articles written by various professors and members of the MTSU community. Also in the collection are items related to other MTSU professors. Sloan’s book With Second Army: Somewhere in Middle Tennessee is included with his papers, as well as photographs of WWII maneuvers taken by Sloan.

  • F

  • Floyd Hayes Papers

    Items in this collection of papers pertain to farmer and businessman Floyd Hayes, his family, and their business ventures in Smithville, Dekalb County, Tennessee. Many items in the papers, such as receipts and record books, pertain to the operation of the Hayes farm during the 1960s. There is one unidentified photograph and some personal papers, but most of the documents relate to the Hayes family business.

  • Frances Bohannon Music Club Papers

    These papers document the history of the Bohannon Music Club, a Murfreesboro women’s club dedicated to the enjoyment of music. Founded in the 1920s, the club spawned several junior clubs and combined with several other organizations to present quality musical programming in the city. These papers might be useful for research about Murfreesboro society, local colleges and universities, women’s clubs, music, and other related topics.

  • G

  • Gilley and Puryear Family Papers

    These papers pertain to the life of a Rutherford County family made up of farmers, workers, teachers, and businesspeople living near Rucker, Halls Hill, and Kittrell. The papers mention 19th century farming practices, specifically discussing livestock and crops such as chickens, pigs, turkeys, ducks, oat and wheat. In addition, they address the dual loneliness and communal aspects of rural life, including connection to family and community happenings. These papers are clearly valuable for study of family history and rural life, but other potential research topics of interest include the automobile industry, Rutherford County census data collection, and Nashville’s Housing and Loan Administration.

  • Goldstein Family Papers

    The Goldstein Papers pertain to a family of Murfreesboro store owners and businesspeople. The family most prominently owned Goldstein’s Department Store on the Public Square, but also owned and operated several other businesses in the area, including Aultman’s Jewelers in Murfreesboro and Goldstein’s satellite store in Tullahoma. Members of the immediate and extended Goldstein family also owned, wholly or in part, Carolyn’s in Shelbyville, Friedberg Jewelers in Detroit, Howard Jewelers in Bowling Green, and Joy’s Jewelers in Clarksville. These papers primarily document the Goldstein family, local businesses in Murfreesboro, business life on the Public Square, and Jewish immigration and family life in Rutherford County.

  • H

  • Hobart Parish and Johnnie Corbitt Papers

    These papers pertain to the career and activities of Hobart Parish and Johnnie Corbitt in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). During their time in the CCC, Parish and Corbitt worked with surveying, soil conservation, engineering, and other camp activities. After leaving the CCC, both men remained interested in the organization and became active with the National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni (NACCCA) in the 1980s and 1990s. These papers reflect a lifetime of interest in the CCC and in NACCCA.

  • Homer and Mabel Pittard Papers

    The Homer and Mabel Pittard Papers comprise research materials collected by a husband and wife interested in Murfreesboro history, Rutherford County History, and Civil War History. The Pittards met while at MTSU, each receiving advanced degrees and publishing several books. Homer Pittard taught at MTSU. The Campus School was named for him. These papers are a valuable resource for study of MTSU history, local history, and local Civil War history.

  • J

  • Jack D. Arters Papers

    Dr. Jack D. Arters (1930-present) was a professor of sociology and psychology at Middle Tennessee State University from 1967-1995 after which he was awarded the honor of Professor Emeritus. The Jack D. Arters Papers includes his memoir The Life That Jack Built, conference proceedings from the Southern Futures Society of the World Future Society, slides with cassette tapes, and a curriculum guide for drug education from Middle Tennessee State University’s Department of Education.

  • James C. Free Papers

    James Free received a bachelor's and a master's degree from Middle Tennessee State University, then later worked as a regional coordinator and a special assistant to President Jimmy Carter. The collection includes three cubic feet of letters, newspaper articles, and other personal papers related to Free's political activities.

  • James C. Hollon Papers

    The Hollon Papers contain materials pertaining to World War II, focusing particularly on the Allied Invasion of Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944, referred to colloquially as D-Day. The papers consist mostly of subjects related to World War II history and commemoration, Veterans’ affairs and recollections, and the Normandy landings. Magazines and newspapers represented in the collection include The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Retired Officer, Yank, Stars and Stripes and The Twenty-Niner. Resources pertaining to the Company M, 116th Infantry/29th Division of the United States Army are also in abundance. 

  • James Gillespie Papers

    The James Gillespie papers pertain primarily to the business of the Gillespie Airfield during the 1940s and 1950s, as conducted by James Gillespie, the aviation manager. These papers relate to both the business of the airfield and Gillespie’s personal interest and career in aviation. This collection can be useful for research in aeronautics, aviation, regional history, and other related fields.

  • James H. Cummings Papers

    The James H. Cummings Papers consist of materials created or acquired by James H. Cummings over the course of his career as a Representative in the Tennessee General Assembly or as Secretary of State of Tennessee. The papers span the years 1882 through 1979, with the period 1967-1972 most prominently represented. Significant gaps exist, most notably during the years 1930-1966, when Cummings was developing his reputation as a powerful legislator. These papers are divided into ten series: Correspondence, Legislative Files, Legislative Documents, Legal Documents, Printed Material, Literary Productions, Newspaper Clippings, Audio Recordings, Tennessee Monument at the Gettysburg National Battlefield, and Ephemera.

  • James Moore King Papers

    The James Moore King Papers document the life of a nineteenth-century Murfreesboro farmer who served in The War of 1812 and the Indian Wars under the command of General Andrew Jackson. Although the James Moore King Papers is a small collection, anyone looking for insight into nineteenth century life in Rutherford County and other issues will find its original content invaluable.


  • Jean Kiger Papers

    Jean Kiger worked as an administrative assistant at the Smyrna Air Force Base during World War II. These papers include materials from her time there, as well as personal materials from her days attending Hume Fogg High School in Nashville. Kiger’s nephew, Richard Kiger, states in a letter included as part of the collection that Kiger’s papers do two things. One is “to shed some light on daily life at the air base and to identify some of the men and women who worked there or who passed through on their way to other assignments.” The other is that the “items that relate to daily life in Nashville are the kind of ephemera that are usually trashed after a while, and so while they are commonplace, they may give an idea as to what life was like in the late 1920s and early 1930s that would be hard to find elsewhere.”

  • Jerry Futrell Papers

    Jerry Futrell was a longtime friend and political supporter of Albert Gore, Sr. and Albert Gore, Jr. He also worked on Al Gore, Jr.'s 1988 Presidential campaign. The collection includes magazines, newspaper articles, photographs, campaign buttons, and other materials related to Al Gore Jr.'s 1988 Presidential campaign, as well as President Clinton's 1992 and 1996 Presidential campaigns.

  • Jim Cooper Papers

    The Jim Cooper Papers include manuscripts and photographs documenting Congressman Cooper’s service as a member of the United States House Representative from Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District from 1982 to 1994. They are currently largely unprocessed, but a box-level inventory is available to the correspondence, press releases, newsletters, news clippings, financial documents, and photographs in the papers. Congressman Cooper has served Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District since 2003.

  • John Bragg Papers

    The John Bragg papers cover the thirty-year (1965-1996) career of State Representative John T. Bragg. The papers, though not exhaustive, provide an interesting look at the workings of Tennessee State Government. Within the collection are letters, articles, government journals, news clippings, and a large compilation of information on state legislation.

  • John Hood Papers

    John Hood was the representative for the 48th District in the Tennessee General Assembly House of Representatives from 1996-2008. He was also formerly a member of the Rutherford County Commission and the Murfreesboro School Board. This collection houses records from Hood’s tenure as representative in Tennessee’s congress.

  • John Jay Hooker Papers

    The John Jay Hooker Papers contain documents covering John Jay Hooker’s political, legal, and business careers and the personal notes of biographer David Fox. The materials appear to have been assembled for use in preparation for a written biography of Hooker.

  • L

  • LaMar Baker Papers

    The Baker contain memorabilia, and photographs relating to the political career of Tennessee Republican State Representative and Senator and U.S. Congressman LaMar Baker.

  • League of Women Voters of Murfreesboro Records

    These papers document the history and activities of the League of Women Voters of Murfreesboro, a nonpartisan organization encouraging female participation in political events and issues relative to them.



  • M

  • Margaret Denny Hoover Papers

    Margaret Denny Hoover was the wife of Walter King Hoover, the owner of Walter King Funeral Home in Smyrna. Her papers stored at the Albert Gore Research Center represent her life’s effort of collecting her and her husband’s family histories. In addition, Mrs. Hoover was an avid member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and of the Methodist churches. The history of these institutions is also documented in this collection, which is useful for the study of Rutherford County families and genealogy, Smyrna history, the history of Methodist churches in Rutherford County, and other research subjects.

  • Marion Skeen Coleman Peck Papers

    Marion Skeen Coleman Peck (1913-1992) was a newspaper reporter for the Chattanooga Times, a caption writer for the Office of War Information, a Public Relations officer in the occupancy government of Germany after World War II, a Public Relations director of the Tennessee Department of Mental Health, and a speech writer for Tennessee governors. The Marion Skeen Coleman Peck Papers include newspaper articles, notes, typescripts, photographs, correspondence, and creative writings. The bulk of the Papers cover Peck’s tenure as a “war correspondent” at the Tennessee Maneuvers (1943), as a Public Relations officer in Germany (1946-1953), and as a reporter for the Chattanooga Times (1953-1965).

  • Mt. Moriah Masonic Papers

    These papers consist of photocopies of research materials and an album prepared to recognize and preserve the history of the Murfreesboro Mt. Moriah Masonic Lodge, located on Middle Tennessee Boulevard. To create this album, Dement researched the histories of several leading figures in the Murfreesboro Masons, culminating in biographical sketches of each.

  • O

  • Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Research (IEPR) Records

    Records of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Research (IEPR)  include published materials utilized the by office to aid different university departments. Part of the collection includes student based surveys, self-studies, and administrative manuals. Some materials include lose papers of email correspondence between individuals of IEPR, and with other departments.

  • Olen Hutchison Clemency Team Papers

    The Olen Hutchison Clemency Team papers contain documents and correspondence pertaining to Mr. Hutchison’s appeal of his 1991 death sentence.

  • P

  • Patsy Weiler Papers

    Patsy Weiler is a freelance journalist living in Smyrna, Tennessee. The papers here were collected over the course of a research project on the Civilian Conservation Corps in Tennessee. These papers would be a valuable research pool for information about that organization or about New Deal projects in Tennessee.

  • R

  • Rattle and Snap Papers

    The papers consist entirely of photocopied materials pertaining to the history of the Rattle and Snap plantation and home, built by George Polk in 1845.  A large segment of the information pertains to the Polk family and their history while residing at Rattle and Snap.  This collection provides an excellent resource on the history of the Rattle and Snap home and grounds.

  • Robert E. Alexander Papers

    The Robert E. Alexander Papers document the military career of Robert Alexander, a Bedford County native who worked in photographic intelligence. The bulk of these papers is comprised of correspondence which relate to Alexander’s training and military experience during World War II. Other materials, such as diaries and photographs, relate Alexander’s experiences during training and active service, including time in Calcutta, India. Alexander’s autobiography It Happened Sorta…Like This documents this period, as well as Alexander’s experiences in the Korean War.

  • Robert Evins Pickard Papers

    The Robert Evins Pickard Papers include personal correspondence, audio cassettes of lectures, photographs of Pickard and his family, and information about the presidential campaign of Al Gore, Jr.

  • Robert J Pondillo Papers

    Robert J Pondillo was a professor at Middle Tennessee State University from 2000 to 2014. In 2012, he produced a short film called “Miracles at Honey Bee Hill” which sparked controversy because of the film’s topic of gay marriage.

    The Robert J Pondillo Papers cover 2002-2014, with the majority of dates between 2011 and 2013. The Papers include correspondence, notes, programs, flyers, awards, newspaper articles and other press reviews, and documents related to the professional career of Robert J Pondillo at Middle Tennessee State University as a film producer.

  • Robert W. Baskin Papers

    Robert W. Baskin, Sr. donated his papers to the Albert Gore Research Center at Middle Tennessee State University in 1998. Included in the papers are his family’s genealogical records as well as Rutherford County history chronicles pertaining primarily to schools, communities and churches with ties to Baskin’s ancestors. There is also limited information regarding local golf courses and the Civilian Conservation Corps.

  • S

  • Sarah King Papers

    These are the personal papers of Sarah McKelley King, wife of Walter Hughey King. Mrs. King was a distant relative of the Collier family, original owners of the historic Collier-Crichlow House on East Main Street. Much of the papers relate to this family and their home. Mrs. King was also heavily involved in the Daughters of the American Revolution. The remainder of the papers relate to her activities and administrative positions within the DAR, both locally and nationally.

  • T

  • Tennessee Constitution Project

    The Tennessee Constitution Project developed classroom materials around new curriculum guides for Tennessee political history for Tennessee teachers.  This included films designed in a chronological and topical manner with a curriculum guide.  








  • Theta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi Records

    Records of Theta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi include: membership forms, National honor society rules and regulations, correspondences, financial reports, and memorabilia.


  • V

  • Vera Gambill Ellis Papers

    The Vera Gambill Ellis papers include eight textbooks and lecture notes from her time at Middle Tennessee State Normal, as well as a 1923 issue of The Normalite.

  • Vickie L. Riggan Papers

    These materials were collected by Vickie L. Riggan as part of her research interest in World War II American women in uniform. These papers are not only demonstrative of female involvement in World War II, but also the manifestation of the war in American culture as well.

  • Vickie L. Riggan Papers

    These materials were collected by Vickie L. Riggan as part of her research interest in World War II American women in uniform. These papers are not only demonstrative of female involvement in World War II, but also the manifestation of the war in American culture as well.

  • Z

  • Zadie Key Papers

    The Zadie Key Papers include scrapbooks, letters, clippings, newspapers, photographs, cookbooks, and commemorative items chronicling Mrs. Key’s life and political career. Ms. Key participated in the activities of political and community organizations such as the Rutherford County Democratic Committee, the Chamber of Commerce, the United Way, and the Rutherford County Historical Society, and presided over the Rutherford County Democratic Women’s Club as its president.

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