Human Resource Services Forms

Payroll Forms
Direct Deposit Form   [PDF]
I-9 Form   [PDF]
I-9 Remote Hire Instructions/Agent Authorization Form   [PDF]
Personnel Appointment Form (PAF)   [PDF]
Personnel Event Form (PEF)   [PDF]
W-4 [HTML]  
W-5 [HTML]  
Retirement Forms
Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Part-Time Reemployment Certification/Waiver Form   [PDF]
401(k) and 457 Forms (You must work directly with vendor to enroll or make changes)   [HTML]
403(b) Payroll Deduction Form   [PDF]
Education Forms
Employee/Retiree Audit/Non-Credit Program   [PDF]
Faculty/Admin/Professional Grant-In-Aid Contract   [PDF]
Faculty/Admin/Professional Grant-In-Aid Form   [PDF]
Faculty and Staff Tuition Reimbursement Program   [PDF]
Fee Waiver Attending MTSU   [HTML]
Fee Waiver Attending Other Institution   [HTML]
Request for Fee Discount for Spouse and/or Dependent   [PDF]
Insurance Forms
State of TN Group Insurance Program Enrollment/Change Form   [PDF]
Sick Leave Bank Forms
Sick Leave Bank Application - Faculty   [PDF]
Sick Leave Bank Application -
Sick Leave Bank Membership Form - Faculty   [PDF]
Sick Leave Bank Membership Form - Non-Faculty   [PDF]
Sick Leave Donation Agreement Form   [PDF]
Administrative Graduate Assistant Timesheet   [PDF]
Alternate Work Arrangement Agreement   [PDF]
Background Check Release Form   [PDF]
BANNER HR Account Request Form   [PDF]
Change of Address Form   [PDF]
Classified Employee Back Hour Time Sheet   [PDF]
Designation of Beneficiary-Accrued Wages and Leave   [PDF]
Employee Recognition Nomination Form   [PDF]
FMLA Forms click here    
Foreign National Information Form (FNIF)   [PDF]
Hours Verification Form   [PDF]
Immigration Expense Allowance Agreement   [PDF]
Moving Allowance Agreement   [PDF]
Optional Retirement Program Contribution Specification Form   [PDF]
Pre-Tax Parking Waiver Form   [PDF]
Proxy Authorization Form-Request for Leave/Time Reporting   [PDF]
Redistribution Request Form   [PDF]
Request for Leave Without Pay Form   [PDF]
Student and Temporary Hourly Back Hour Time Sheet   [PDF]
Time Log - Student/Hourly Employees   [PDF]
Temporary Employment Form   [PDF]
Verification of Age for Minors   [PDF]
Volunteer Form   [PDF]
Replacement W-2   [PDF]
Human Resource Services 

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