Power BI Dashboards

The following Power BI dashboards on enrollment and student success are availabe without login. 

  • Student Enrollment
    • Enrollment by Term 
      HC, FTE & SCH for Term by Student Profile, College, Department, Major, Concentration, Minor & Location, ACT Profile of New Freshmen
    • Enrollment by Academic Year 
      HC, FTE & SCH for Acad Year by Student Profile, College, Department, Major & Concentration
    • Enrollment Over Time
      HC, FTE & SCH Over Time by Student Profile, College, Department, Major & Concentration
  • Student Retention
  • Degrees & Graduation Rates 
    • Degrees 
      Degrees & Certificates Awarded by Student Profile, College, Department, Major & Concentration, Location
    • Degrees Over Time 
      Degrees & Certificates Awarded Over Time by Student Profile, College, Department, Major & Concentration
    • Graduation Rates 
      Institutional 4-Year, 6-Year & 8-Year Grad Rates by College, Department & Concentration
    • Graduation Rates Over Time  
      Institutional 4-
      Year, 6-Year & 8-Year Grad Rates Over Time by College, Department & Concentration
  • Occupational Forecasts & Wages
    • Tennessee Workforce 
      Tennessee Occupational Forecasts for Next 10 Years & Wages by Occupation
    • USA Workforce 
      National Occupational Forecasts for Next 10 Years & Wages by Occupation

MTSU staff can easily access and analyze institutional and relevant external data with the Power BI dashboards. Use the links below to access the MTSU Power BI App, learn how to get started using Power BI and about the data.

  • MTSU Power BI App  (MTSU employees only - requires login)
    The MTSU Power BI app contains ALL THE REPORTS listed above as well as:
    • Course Enrollment 
      HC & SCH for Courses by College, Department, Section Type, Instructional Method, GE or evening course
    • Course Grades
      Course Pass Rates by Course, Instructor and Section, DFWN Rates by Course, Instructor and Section
    • Employees
      Faculty Profile by College, Department, Rank, Ethnicity, Gender or Tenure Track and Employees by Category, Ethnicity, Gender and F/T status
  • Getting Started with Power BI App 
  • About the Data
  • Data Defintions