IRB Members (Cayuse Era)




Dr. William Langston


Co-Chair; Scientist

Dr. Aleka Blackwell


Co-Chair; Scientist

Dr. David L. Butler

Vice Provost of Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, Office of Research Service

Institutional Official


Compliance Officer, Office of Compliance and Research Service


Dr. Alan Musicant Retired Community Member
Dr. Angie Bowman Health and Human Performance Scientist
Dr. Lisa Murphree Nursing Scientist
Dr. Grant Gardner Biology Scientist
Dr. Joshua Harms Criminal Justice Prisoner Representative
Dr. Cyrille Magne Professor, Psychology Scientist
Dr. Frank Lambert Educational Leadership Education/Child/Minors
Dr. Nuria Novella World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Non-scientist
Dr. Amanda Flagg Nursing Scientist
Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes Director, Gore Research Center Scientist


Student Representatives

Monica Whitley, Undergraduate

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