Welcome from the College of Basic and Applied Sciences Dean

Dean FischerI am very pleased to welcome you to the College of Basic and Applied Sciences at Middle Tennessee State University where you will establish the intellectual framework for your future. The College, commonly known as CBAS, offers classes to every undergraduate at the University as part of its general education curriculum as well as specialized courses in both the basic and applied sciences. From the study of the atom and the simplest forms of life to the creation of devices and new technologies which will drive the nation's productivity and ultimately improve our quality of life, CBAS offers more than 55 undergraduate degrees and approximately 27 graduate degrees ranging from the specialized to the interdisciplinary.

All this is possible through 11 departments in the College that deliver an innovative curriculum through over 200 full-time faculty members teaching approximately 5,000 science majors every year.  More than 690 students each year earn their degree through the College.  But numbers alone do not tell the whole story.

Our school’s unique composition of diverse academic programs allows us to offer curricula that are designed to place students directly into the workforce or for further graduate studies in medicine and other scientific fields, such as biology, chemistry and physics. We are committed to enhancing our existing curricula and the development of new programs that will continue to give our future alumni a competitive edge.

Your academic pursuits combined with the experiential opportunities available in CBAS will provide you with the cognitive tool kit for your professional success. I urge you to invest in your education by taking advantage of the many opportunities we offer for a rich academic and cultural life. Make the most of your MTSU experience by studying abroad, job shadow or participating in an internship or undergraduate research with your faculty mentor.  If you become fully engaged in your education while at MTSU, you will see that the rewards of this rich experience will last a lifetime.

What really makes CBAS special is the academic preparation of its faculty. They are dedicated to best serve our students, and are committed to teach within a framework of high academic standards to make sure that we respond to the immediate and future needs of society. This is accomplished by transmitting knowledge, developing critical thinking abilities and providing students with the skills to make them productive members of our changing and diverse society.

Please take a moment to explore further the exciting opportunities available to you and to view the remarkable accomplishments of those who make their academic homes in this College.  I and the entire College of Basic and Applied Sciences encourage you to come and visit our campus and please feel free to contact us by email, basdean@mtsu.edu, or call us at 615-898-2613. If you are interested in joining us as an entering student, either as a freshman or a transfer student, you can reach the MTSU Admissions Office at 1-800-331-MTSU.

With my very best wishes for your success,

Dr. Greg Van Patten, Interim Dean