Teaching Online in the English Department

While the Distance Education Faculty Services Department in the University College coordinates online teaching , the English Department oversees course content and pedagogy for online and hybrid English courses through the Online Curriculum Committee. Ours is the only department in the university that has such a committee, and its function is to assist English Department faculty to develop and teach online/hybrid courses that repilicate the quality and rigor of all English Department courses.

To develop a new online or hybrid course, follow the process below:

  1. Begin by indicating your interest to the Department Chair and to the appropriate Curriculum Committee Chair (Lower Division, Upper Division, Graduate) to determine departmental needs. You can do this via email.
  2. Contact the Online Curriculum Committee chair through email to document your interest/intent. The committee will assign a mentor from the department to help you meet University College requirements.
  3. Contact University College to begin the formal process of developing an online or hybrid course. Follow directions on the Getting Started webpage.
    1. University College will send you a contract and syllabus template, along with a peer review form that details the requirements for online/hybrid course approval.  They will also assign a mentor outside the English Department who will help you develop your course.
    2. Additional resources are available.
  4. Notify the Online Curriculum Committee after your course has been approved by University College.

To teach an existing online or hybrid course, follow the process below (available for those who have taught the on-ground version of the course):

  1. Contact the Online Curriculum Committee to indicate your interest. 
  2. Request a D2L development course.
    1. The committee will assign a mentor from the English Department to help you upload the existing course that you want to teach and modify it to your plan in accordance with University College requirements.
  3. Add the mentor to your course as a reviewer.
    1. The mentor will work with you to ensure the course meets University College requirements, and will also assist you during the first semester that you teach. 

Interested faculty can contact Online Curriculum Committee members for more information or assistance: Dr. Becky King, chair, Dr. Jill Hague, Dr. Elyce Helford, Dr. Aleka Blackwell, and Ms. Jennifer Wilson. 

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