MT Engage Scholarship Applications Now Open!

The MT Engage scholarship is open to all students in all majors. Scholarship applicants create an ePortfolio presentation showcasing their developing knowledge, skills and abilities. By reflecting on and connecting the dots between their life experiences, coursework, and professional goals, the ePortfolio supports students in considering how they can continue learning and growing so that they will be equipped to respond to new challenges.  

Scholarship Requirements

To apply for the MT Engage scholarship you must:
  • Have successfully completed one or more MT Engage course sections or be currently enrolled in an MT Engage course
  • Have attended one approved ePortfolio training or workshop (in-class training sessions apply)
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 
  • Have completed your 60th hour in Fall 2022 or are completing your 60th hour in Spring 2023
  • Have fewer than 30 transfer hours (excluding AP, military, and/or dual enrollment credits)
  • Be currently enrolled as a student at MTSU with good academic standing

To Apply:

  1. Complete an ePortfolio training session (see below for more information)
  2. Create a short ePortfolio presentation following the MT Engage requirements 
  3. Complete the MTSU general application then select MT Engage
  4. Paste your presentation link into the application and submit

The deadline to apply is March 13, 2023. For more information, visit

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