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Senior Adult Discount

Rules & Procedures

Senior Adult Fee Discount/Waiver rules and forms are available at the MT One Stop. Senior Adult students should register and submit these forms to the MT One Stop as outlined below.

T.C.A. 49-7-113. Disabled and Elderly Persons--Auditing or Enrollment.

(a)(1) Disabled persons suffering from a permanent total disability which totally incapacitates such person from working at an occupation which brings him an income, and persons who have retired from state service with thirty (30) or more years of service, regardless of age, or persons who will become sixty (60) years of age or older during the academic quarter or semester, whichever is applicable, in which such persons begin classes and, who are domiciled in Tennessee, may audit courses at any state-supported college or university without paying tuition charges, maintenance fees, student activity fees or registration fees; however, this privilege may be limited or denied by the college or university on an individual classroom basis according to space availability.
(a)(2) The provisions of this section shall not apply at medical schools, dental or pharmacy schools, and no institution of higher education shall be required to make physical alterations of its buildings or other facilities to comply with this section. 
(a)(3) Prior to admittance, the university or college involved may require an affidavit or certificate from a physician or an agency charged with compensating the disabled person or adjudicating the permanent total disability of the person who is requesting admittance to classes, that such person is permanently totally disabled as set forth herein. 
(a)(4)A student who is receiving services under federal or state vocational rehabilitation programs is not eligible for a waiver of tuition and fee benefits under this section. (b) Subject to the same terms and conditions as provided in subsection (a), disabled persons, as defined in subsection (a), and persons who will become sixty-five (65) years of age or older during the academic quarter or semester, whichever is applicable, in which such persons begin classes and, who are domiciled in Tennessee, may be enrolled in courses, for credit at state-supported colleges and universities without payment of tuition charges, maintenance fees, student activity fees or registration fees, except that the board of trustees of the University of Tennessee and the board of regents of the state university and community college system may provide for a service fee which may be charged by the institutions under their respective jurisdictions, the fee to be for the purpose of helping to defray the cost of keeping the records of such students and not to exceed seventy dollars ($70) a semester.

Special Instructions

Due to the "space availability" rule, the reduced rate will not be applied for classes selected and/or held during priority registration.  The registration date is four weeks prior to the start of the term and the date will be listed in the Registration Guide under "Dates at a Glance" for "fee waiver participants."

Persons 60 years of age or older may audit classes without tuition charges. Persons 65 years of age or older may register for classes for credit by paying a service fee not to exceed $70.00. The student is responsible for paying for material, online, distance education, specialized course fees, study abroad fees, flight training fees and book fees.

The applicant must be eligible for admission, and an application fee of $25.00 for undergraduate or $35 for graduate is required.

Proof of age must be submitted to the MT One Stop in the Student Services and Admissions Center at the time of application and a separate form, obtained from the MT One Stop, is required for each semester by the fee payment deadline.

If you have any questions regarding the Senior Adult reduced rate program, please contact the MT One Stop at (615) 898-2111.

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