Alpha Tau Omega

Alpha Tau Omega

True Blue Accreditation Status: True Blue Chapter – Exceed Expectations 

Fall 2022 Cumulative GPA: 3.20
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Nationally Founded : September 11, 1865
Locally Founded : Rechartered September 11, 1998
Local Website: N/A
Symbols: Maltese Cross
Flower: White Tea Rose
Colors: Azure Blue and Old Gold
National Philanthropy: Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network
Local Philanthropy: N/A
Twitter: @AlphaTauOmegaHN
Instagram: @alphatauomegamtsu


Additional Information: Our fraternity stresses the importance of networking, resume-building, and leadership development by constantly encouraging campus involvement. As one gets involved on campus, he allows himself to gain both professional and social experience. We truly believe that one becomes the mean of the five people he surrounds himself with the most. If you surround one with leaders, then he will become a leader. We also take great pride in the diversity that is present in our chapter. Our chapter of 50 brothers easily reflects this as we have brothers from all over the country. Our fraternity house is located off campus at 2719 East Main St. with a barn and 9 acres of land in the backyard. Lastly, we won the President's Cup for the 2014 year, which is awarded to the highest preforming IFC fraternity chapter!