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Author(s)Title of PublicationJournal/PeriodicalYearDOI
Isabella Barnett, B.S.; Frank C. Bailey, Ph.D.; Mengliang Zhang, Ph.DDetection and Classification of Ignitable Liquid Residues in the Presence of Matrix Interferences by Using Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass SpectrometryJournal of Forensic Sciences201910.1111/1556-4029.14029
J. P. Gulizia; K. M. Downs; S. CuiKudzu (Pueraria montana var. lobata) age variability effects on total and nutrient-specific in situ rumen degradation Journal of Applied Animal Research 201910.1080/09712119.2019.1652615
Jared Frazier; Virginia Benefield; Mengliang ZhangPractical investigation of direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry for fast screening of explosivesForensic Chemistry202010.1016/j.forc.2020.100233
Jian Liang; Jared Frazier; Virginia Benefield; Ngee Sing Chong; Mengliang ZhangForensic Fiber Analysis by Thermal Desorption/Pyrolysis-Direct Analysis in Real Time-Mass Spectrometry Analytical Chemistry201910.1021/acs.analchem.9b04167
Omar Aly; Yangseung Jeong; Ashlin P. Harris; Yochun JungBayes factor: A useful tool to quantitatively evaluate and compare performance of multiple stature estimation equationsForensic Science International202010.1016/j.forsciint.2020.110299
Wen Dong; Jian Liang; Isabella Barnett; Paul C. Kline; Elliot Altman; Mengliang ZhangThe classification of Cannabis hemp cultivars by thermal desorption direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (TD-DART-MS) with chemometricsAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry201910.1007/s00216-019-02200-7
Avraz Anwar; Holli Kerns; Taylor Orr; Jonathan Byrd; Zackary Fitzsimonds; Norma DunlapStereoselective cyclopropanations of amino-acid derived enonesTetrahedron Letters202010.1016/j.tetlet.2020.152552
Nibraas Khan; Phillips JoshuaCombined Model for Partially-Observable and Non-Observable Task Switching: Solving Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Problems Statically and Dynamically with Transfer LearningCornell University2020Working Paper
B Stickle; Melody Hicks; Amy Stickle; Zachary HutchinsonPorch pirates: examining unattended package theft through crime script analysisCriminal Justice Studies2020https://doi.org/10.1080/1478601X.2019.1709780
Jared Frazier; Mengliang Zhang; Virginia Benefield; Pei Chen; Jianghao Sun; Jian LiangChemical analysis and classification of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) based on their country of origin using mass spectrometric methods and chemometrics Food Research International202110.1016/j.foodres.2020.109877
Brendan A. Mitchell-Fostyk; Samuel I. HarunaSpatial and fractal characterization of soil hydraulic properties along a catenaSoil Science Society of America Journal202110.1002/saj2.20286
Brendan Mitchell-Fostyk; Samuel Haruna, Ph.D.; Kevin Downs, Ph.D.Variability of soil thermal properties along a catena in Middle Tennessee, USAInternational Agrophysics202110.31545/intagr/140079

Creative Activity and Projects

Videos, Media, and News Releases


Title:  Story Bandits
Description:   This creative project takes the early writing offerings of children and gives them life by using them to create a script and lyrics in a musical production based on resilience. URECA student, Cassidy Woodall, hopes that by allowing children to see the power of their words and the words of others on stage, their confidence will increase, and they have something of value to contribute in their thoughts, ideas, concepts, and written words. The outcome of this creative project will be a musical play script using children’s own words and focused on resilience. These words will be taken directly from the stories the children submitted with no alterations. Stories are chosen purely based on content, not mechanics. The project has added the element of producing videos and creating a Youtube channel for delivery. Show or show pieces may be performed live in social distanced venues, however, the team is excited to create something that is ongoing with the Youtube channel. 
Team Member:  Cassidy Woodall 
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jette Halladay

Speak Now

Title:  Speak Now!: A Look at Diversity at MTSU
Description: The creative project, Speak Now!: A Look at Diversity at MTSU, was greatly inspired by the author's own diverse experiences, the Me Too movement, coming-out stories, and the fight for equality.  The goal of this project is to celebrate diversity at MTSU, inspire people to take action, and push the movement of diversity at MTSU forward.  The first issue of the magazine, Speak Now!, features articles, interviews, and visuals highlighting the several areas of diversity among students and professors at MTSU.  In future publications, this magazine aims to remain true to its title and consistently embody the notion of speaking out, being honest and brave, going bare, and telling the truth.  Click HERE to view Speak Now!
Team Member:  Beatriz Marie R. Dedicatoria
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Poushali Bhadury

MTSU News Fiddlers

Title:  Walking in Sunlight: The Life and Legacy of Uncle Dave Macon
Description:  This project creates a theatrical drama that teaches children major historical events, while also teaching multiple life lessons through the life of Uncle Dave Macon, the Dixie Dewdrop.  Austin is excited to be part of a production that shares a piece of Rutherford County's contribution to the rise of country music with school age audiences across the globe.
Team Member:  Austin Derryberry
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jette Halladay
News Release:  MTSU’s Center for Popular Music captures ‘uncanny’ old-time fiddling pair on new CD

Title:  Embodied Exploration
Description:  Under the practiced eye of faculty member, Dr. Meg Brooker, three MTSU students seized a once-in-a-lifetime performance opportunity in Russia.  The student dancers had to demonstrate their skill in order to earn their invitation by the Peoples’ Friendship University in Moscow to perform at the school’s Isadora Duncan festival.  MTSU was the only American school invited to perform.  Both universities share the common interests of the cultural exchange and historic preservation of dance, two vital areas of study in the dance community.
Team Members:  Savannah Cook, Natasja Hall, and Megan Manning
Faculty Mentor:  Margaret (Meg) Brooker
News Release:  MTSU dancers bring Isadora Duncan’s method to life in Moscow

MTSU VR Campus Tour

Title:  MTSU Augmented Reality Campus Tour
Description:  Students created an interactive virtual reality tour of the MTSU campus for prospective students, their parents or other campus visitors. Viewers are able to "travel" around campus and learn about the different majors and activities in virtual reality using text, graphics, and video of deans, instructors and students from those areas.
Team Members:  Sebastian Bishop, Katherine Carter, Alvin Evans, and Keneshia Smith.
Faculty Mentor:  Todd O'Neill

 Research Videos

Description: With the help of Undergraduate Research Experience and Creative Activity (URECA) grants, Biology Professor, Dr. Mary Farone, has lead groups of undergraduate student researchers on a variety of projects over the years at MTSU. These research projects are just a few of the many opportunities undergraduate students have at MTSU to engage high-level research in their field of study with the help of faculty mentors.


Title:  Middle School Students' Reasoning with Technological Mathematical Tasks
Description:  This research helps us to better understand the way students learn a key part of the middle school math curriculum, rate of change and functions. The team worked to examined video and written artifacts of middle school students working on a technological mathematical tasks to construct themes about the reasoning middle school students are using and what knowledge they are developing through engagement with the tasks. 
Team Members:  Hannah Belcher, Emma Bowmer, Ciera Dobbins, Gracy Lanier, and Magen Williams 
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jennifer Lovett


Title:  Dyslexia Center 
Description:  These studies aim to identify relative differences in the integrity of these neural networks across different patient populations, such as individuals with dyslexia, and to characterize how these networks relate to different cognitive abilities. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a neuroimaging technique that can be used to examine restingstate data to identify neural networks. 
Team Members:  Robyn Sessler and Kaitlyn Berry
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Emily Farris and Dr. Tim Odegard




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